Bernd Weisberger signs as TwoThumb's Global Brand Ambassador

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Bernd Weisberger signs as TwoThumb's Global Brand Ambassador

Premium putter grip manufacturers TwoThumb have signed Bernd Wiesberger as their Global Brand Ambassador.

Bernd’s signing coincides with a worldwide PR and marketing campaign to support a network of distributors, retailers and pro shops.

Sales Director Pete Hartley explained: “Bernd has used his TwoThumb Snug Daddy 27 since 2015 and was the European Tour No.1 for strokes to par throughout the 2015 season. He is currently ranked 39th in the world, is competing in this week’s Masters, knocking on the door for an automatic Ryder Cup place and is a 3-time winner on the both European Tour and Challenge Tour. Bernd has performed consistently well with the TwoThumb Snug 27 on his Scotty Cameron putter and we are delighted to have him on board.”

Hartley added: “A lot of people in the industry, be they tour or regional pro’s, distributors/retailers, pro shop connected or amateur players will remember the ‘Original’ 180gram Tour Velvet TwoThumb grip from when it was launched in 2005. It was a revelation in its day and still enjoys strong sales."

“We have moved on a great deal since then! Whilst the original TwoThumb models suited players that wanted to eliminate ‘bias’ from their putting stroke, a demand grew for more traditionally shaped putter grips, albeit still oversized. One thing we identified very early is that one size certainly doesn’t fit all and that traditional putter grips in most cases are way too thin (and often the wrong shape), especially as hand sizes vary massively from person to person. This was causing the putter to twist and rotate in the player’s hands – not what you want when trying to putt down that line."

Two Thumb Snug Daddy range “It was from this requirement that the Snug Daddy range was born. Initially the 30mm and 33mm wide models were introduced. They incorporate a “flat top edge” design, which sits better in the hands and greatly reduces the twist that blights circular grips. The flat top edge also promotes better and more consistent alignment. The ’Snug’ aspect of the grip relates to underside of the grip which has been carefully shaped to fit comfortably into your hands natural lifeline."

“The Snug Daddy 27mm followed soon after to create a collection which what has quickly become the cornerstone of the TwoThumb range, with more than 15 Tour players actively using it. This number will certainly grow as the uptake on tour is increasing rapidly – TwoThumb supports its players at every European tour event."

“Keep an eye out for tour pro’s worldwide using the brand as we are making inroads on all the major professional tours, both men and women’s. In addition, extreme weather testing has returned excellent results for TwoThumb grips. Recent trials in Korea showed the grips retained an amazing amount of “tac”, even in the wettest conditions you will ever experience on a golf course."

“The range has now evolved into 23 models and colours, with orange and blue being the latest additions to the Snug 27 and 30 ranges."

“With margins for distributors and re-sellers being very favourable, we are confident the Two Thumb brand will be a success story for everyone involved with it, whether buying, selling or using it to improve their game and lower their scores."

“It’s vital that we have good partners to work with us and share in that success, so we are actively seeking representation and distributors all around the globe. If you would like to be part of this rapidly growing business, please contact me on +44 (0)7871 646 047.2"