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Putting Aids

Why struggle to improve your golf putting when implementing a golf putting aid could be the difference between a great golf score and a mediocre one. Stop three golf putting now with the 2Thumb Putter Grip - a golf putting aid designed to make a real game changing difference to golfers of all abilities. The 2Thumb grip golf putting aid has been scientifically proven to improve the number of common inconsistencies and errors found in golfer's golf putting strokes. This golf putting aid is shown to help prevent wrist break by 43% and, when used in conjunction with the 2Thumb technique it is shown to improve golf putting stance. Our focus on better golf putting products and better golf putting techniques represents our belief that great golf putting is the most important aspect of your round, mainly because you will most likely use your putter as many times per round as all your other clubs put together. Try the 2Thumb golf putting aid now - there is sure to be a style that suits your needs, whether it be the "original" the heaviest of the series, designed specifically for those who like to feel the security of a maximum size, high quality grip in their hands, the "shorty" - perfect for players who like to have total control and feel over their putter-head while employing a pure pendulum action, the "light" - for golfers looking to have great feel and balance through the putter head, while at the same time playing with a full size grip, the "pro-light - offering players of a high standard the ultimate transfer of feel and control from the putter head, and at only 68 grams, weighing the same as most standard narrow putter grips or the "rotate" - an innovative mid-sized golf putting aid based on the same design as the other 2Thumb grips, but slightly smaller in diameter, allowing it to be fitted in a choice of two ways - the 2Thumbs side- by-side hold, or the grip can be rotated and fitted at a 90 degree angle to the putter face to accommodate the standard golf putting hold. Available in a variety of colours, the results speak for themselves with the 2Thumb grip golf putting aid.